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A land of tradition to live a totally new experience…

CARLIT TRAVEL EXPERIENCE CARLIT TRAVEL EXPERIENCE is far more than a journey at the summit! Who says Carlit, also says peak and flies away 2971 meters above our Pyrenees. Always higher, CARLIT TRAVEL EXPERIENCE offers you a 360 degree panorama trip over Catalonia, by sideroad crossings, from north to south, from Font-Romeu to Balnuys-sur-Mer.

From Perpignan to Barcelona, passing by the divine Montserrat mountain, CARLIT TRAVEL EXPERIENCE loves, like you, to be surprised. Thinking outside the box, our experiences are 100% trendy, unexpected, surprising and intense! Dare to join us, try the unknown and taste our expertise at journeys in lands of audaciousness.

CARLIT TRAVEL EXPERIENCE, far more than an experience: the coincidence of happiness.

Savour the unusual Barcelona!

Welcome in Catalan country! Barcelona hosts you for a plural and singular experience, sweet and rebellious at the same time. Beyond the mythical Rambla, the magic will take place in the maze of alleys of the Born and gothic district.
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Sentez la magie de Montserrat

Towards Montserrat, the Catalan people’s sacred mountain! It shelters the abbey where reigns the "Moreneta", the black virgin, symbol of resistance, radiance and history.
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Dive in sulphurous waters

At Thémis, the world's first thermodynamic power plant, you will understand the challenges of this energy source, essential to our society.
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Enjoy nature!

Morning immersion in Les Angles’ animal park. In this exceptional site, unique in the Pyrenees, you will have the opportunity to see the main species of the Pyrenean fauna evolve in a natural environment.
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Drink the colors of Roussillon

Yellow as the little train that will make you travel in open wagons at a speed of 30km/h (19 mph), going from bends to villages by the majestic bridges of Haut-Conflent. A trip with panoramic views of the valleys before reaching Thuir in the Rousillon plain.
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Discover the Mediterranean!

It will embrace you without reserve! In the Mediterranean waters you will sail. From the sports port of Saint-Cyprien to the secret Paulilles cove, from creeks to cliffs, let yourself go with the flow.
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Live both Catalonias!

It is in Balnyus-sur-Mer, city of the great sculptor Aristide Maillol, where the sun will rise.
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The Catalan night!

City of prodigies, uprisings, eccentricities and freedom, Barcelona jealously holds an out of the ordinary district: Gràcia.
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