Following ELSEAKER’s request, Carlit Hotel organized a professional seminar with a cohesion activity including orienteering, logger workshop and slalom canoeing on Matemale lake, from Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th June 2017.

Number of participants: 15

Number of days: 3 days – 2 nights

Room layout: theatre-like layout

Services offered: Overhead projector, flipchart, note sheets and pens, mineral water, breakfast buffet.

Stay programme:

1st day: Wednesday, June 14th
.:Arrival of participants at lunch time
.:Work meeting with optional break (hot drinks, pastries…)
.:Dinner at the hotel
.:Overnight stay

2nd day: Thursday, June 15t
.:Breakfast buffet
.:Matinée course d’orientation
.:Packed lunch
.:Logger workshop and slalom canoeing on Matemale lake in the afternoon
.:Dinner at the hotel
.:Overnight stay

3rd day: Friday, June 16th
.:Breakfast buffet
.:Work meeting with optional break (hot drinks, pastries…)
.:Lunch at the hotel, option of taking a packed lunch instead

Food service

Packed lunch: starter, main course, cheese, dessert and a 50cl bottle of water.
Lunch at the restaurant: Menus consist of 3 courses
(Starter – main course – dessert).
In the evening, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a mountain dish.
If you want a drinks package
Optional drink package 5€: water, quarter of wine and a coffee.

Your activities

Return of the beautiful days is the perfect opportunity to plan a day or a playful and federating stay for your staff.
Logger workshop: Working in pairs, participants will have to coordinate in order to saw a log using a two-man saw. Strategic choices of participants, coordination and movement speed … Everything will have to be taken into account to be the fastest team!

Slalom canoeing: Slalom between the buoys of Matemale lake, be the fastest and win the race! Agility and speed will be the key words of this challenge.