This massage is intended for the body relaxation and harmonization by its two extremities, head and feet. It acts on the anchoring, the awareness of one’s body, the relationship to the earth, to the cosmos … It is interesting as a first massage for people who are not used to it.

Duration: 30 mins    |   1h
Price:    30 €        |   60 €

Massage details

  • In the feet are found the nerve endings of the whole body (plantar reflexology), hence the possible influence of this massage remotely. Feet are also the anchor point to the earth. It is by the feet that used energies are drained into the ground and that we can reload ourselves with telluric energy.
  • The other end, the head, is more connected to our brain, so can offer deep relaxation, the opportunity to let go, relaxation of the nervous system, awareness of cosmic energies, more subtles. With the two at the same time … we can see this as a rebalancing!