Welcome to the water sports paradise, through gorges and canyons!

The Catalan canyons are numerous enough to offer an initiation or improvement ground of for amateurs in search of thrills.

The canyons are carved into granite, hence the presence of water slides and deep watersheds in which you will jump, abseil… Some gorges can go up to 100 meters in height!


For the most experienced practitioners, you will appreciate the Llech canyon in the Canigou massif, one of the most popular canyoning sites in France. A real aqualand in a natural environment suitable to all practices: jumps, slides with two 15-meters-height abseiling descents…

A fun activity for the whole family

Equipped with a helmet, a wetsuit and a harness, roam the region canyons and have fun with family or friends, while enjoying the wild landscapes of the region.

Moltitg-les-Bains, Les Encantats, Le Llech, Nuria… the different canyons in the region make it possible for everyone to discover this activity according to one’s level: some are of an easy access for the whole family, others are more athletic for the most experienced!