For a baptism or introduction to driving, let yourself be enchanted by this most original outing.

Between snow and sun, you will discover the joys of sledge rides pulled by huskies. Ideal for families with children, who will only have to appreciate the landscape and the joys of slips supervised by a musher.

For new sensations, we advise you to try the team of sled dogs drive initiation course. An original experience!

Contact : Ozone3 – 04 68 30 36 09 –

Lovely companions

During this experience, you will be in contact with packs of dogs that will surprise you with their kindness and strength. Discover their sweet universe and share a moment of complicity with these musher’s companions.

After effort comes comfort

An ideal way to reinvigorate yourself after a physical effort, for more tonicity and well-being … and also for warming yourself after spending the day in the snow!