Fitness and beauty centre

Whether to round off the day the healthy way or to start it off on the right foot, we offer different massage treatments in addition to our Sauna, Hammam and Jacuzzi facilities.

Treat yourself to some real relaxation and sheer physical pleasure!

Sheer Bliss

This massage will help you to focus on what’s important to you, to recharge your batteries and to become at ease with your body. It brings you relaxation to both body and mind, a sense of tranquillity and inner peace and helps you to keep on top of stress.

1 hour session – 60€. 1 hour 30 minute session – 75€

Pure comfort

Rid a specific part of the body of tension: Feet and legs/Back/Front/Arms and torso.
For physical relaxation and muscle exercise (sports style massage)

30 minute session – 30€


Hot stone massage

This technique comes from the islands of the South Seas and involves ‘wrapping’ your body in heat by passing hot basalt pebbles over it – something to really whisk you away from the here and now. This treatment helps you to leave both your physical and mental tensions behind and simply to let go.

40 minute session – 50€. 1 hour 30 minute session – 90€

Heaven and earth

Relax and bring your body into perfect harmony with your mind with a head and foot massage.

30 minute session – 30€


All massages are performed using organic vegetable-based oils and essential oils. / All massages are performed using vegetable-based oils and organic essential oils. These services are strictly non-sexual and non-therapeutic.

We advise you to book your massage session in advance