Canyoning à Font-Romeu

Welcome to whitewater sport heaven! You’ll be able to admire the Canigou massif and the famous gorges du Llech.

Here you’ll explore a range of different canyons, taking in jumps, abseiling, zip-lines through waterfalls and water slides.
There are several ‘taster’ trails in these beautiful limestone gorges, featuring canyon walls that can reach up to 100 metres in height, and which are perfect for canyoning: jumps, swimming, water slides etc.

The toughest canyoning fans will love the Canyon du Llech near Prades, one of the best canyoning sites in France. This veritable outdoor water wonderland is suitable for all types of canyoning activities including jumps and water slides. It also features two 20m abseils.

Prerequisites : one guide per 10 participants

  Half-day Day
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